April 23, 2018 2 min read

Take one look at social media and you’ll see that the toddler snapback trend is here, and it’s big. But why is it such a feature? What makes toddler snapbacks such a popular item? At Pop Noggins, we know a few things about baby hats, so we wanted to give you the rundown on this trend. Here are our three reasons why you need to jump non the toddler snapback trend.

Show some flair

Let’s be honest, most toddlers’ clothing is designed to be durable and easy to wash rather than looks, and with good reason. Toddlers can be mischievous, and that mischief can often end in rips, tears and more than a bit of dirt. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely do away with style. With a bit of effort, every parent can find children’s clothes that suit both them and their little one. Toddler snapbacks are such a trend just for this reason – they’re a simple, easy addition that makes every outfit pop. With a snapback, you can still dress your child in machine washable and tear-resistant clothes while still giving them a little bit of individuality. From their earliest days when they’re still in nappy-friendly onesies and jumpsuits, a snapback adds that little bit extra that helps them stand out.

Be sun smart

Children – especially babies – have exceptionally delicate skin that’s particularly susceptible to sun damage. Especially if your child has fair skin, it’s vital that you give them the right sun protection when you’re out and about. Try to keep them out of the sun as much as possible, but when you do have to brave the weather on a hot and sunny day, ensure you have them slip on a shirt, slop on the sunscreen and slap on a hat. A snapback is a great way to keep harsh ultraviolet radiation out of delicate eyes and off baby’s skin, so make the sun smart choice for your little one.

Unlimited choice

There’s just so much to choose from! Whether you’re going for a sleek casual look and want something monochrome and elegant, or it’s time for a fun night with friends and you’re looking for bright colours and vivid patterns, a snapback is the perfect way to get the look you want. From streetwear inspired designs to creations that could have come out of a high-end fashion house, there’s something for every family and every child in snapbacks.

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