April 23, 2018 2 min read

When it comes to your children, you want to give them the perfect blend of comfort, style and function. At Pop Noggins, we know what parents and kids are looking for – the very best in kids’ baseball caps. And we deliver it. With a focus on quality and an eye always on the latest trends, we keep your kids looking their very best.

If you’re looking for a new hat for your little one, read on and find out why it should be from Pop Noggins.  

Evoking the latest styles

At Pop Noggins, we keep a close eye on the world of fashion, because we believe style is for everyone. With one eye on the catwalks and one eye on the streets, we’re always on the lookout for the next exciting idea to bring to life through our hats. Many of our designs capture elements from the latest trends, ensuring that even the smallest members of your family are wearing the latest and greatest. Drawing on inspiration from sources as diverse as streetwear, tropical clothing and traditional patterns, we deliver an extensive range of products sure to suit every wardrobe.

Inspired by Australia

Pop Noggins is a proudly Australian-owned and built brand. All of our designers are Australian-based, creating a real, strong connection between our brand and our country. Our products are designed by people who are in love with our country’s environment and culture, drawing on the beauty around us to help create something exceptional for little heads. From the water and sand of the beaches that ring our country to the rich urban life of our cities, our brand captures diverse parts of Australia, helping everyone find something that suits their tastes and styles.

The smarter choice in fashion

Our hats are designed for real life. All of our kids’ baseball caps are made from the best possible materials to the strictest quality standards, delivering a superior fit, feel and look each and every time. The majority of our line is made from 100% soft, washable cotton that’s easy to care for and easy to keep clean. We also offer the Hide & Sheep – a stylish model from natural wool with a leather peak for a unique, highly textured look.