April 23, 2018 2 min read

While it doesn’t feel like it at the moment, the warmer weather is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to get your whole family kitted out for summer than right now. Baseball caps and snapbacks have always been a force in fashion, but in 2018 they’ve seen a real surge, with many designers putting out unique twists on this decades-old classic.

But just because these companies are targeting adults doesn’t mean the younger members of your family need to be left out. Pop Noggins has scoured the globe for the top snapbacks of the summer, giving you some ideas for what to look for when you’re shopping for little ones. 

Go street

It’s never too early to get them into streetwear. Once the choice of skaters and punks, streetwear has come in out of the cold and into the mainstream. Throughout it’s journey from the fringes, it’s evolved, with many brands turning out street art inspired hats that pair perfectly with both t-shirt and jeans and collars and chinos. Make your little one the coolest kid on the playground with The Royal from Pop Noggins, combining vivid colours with a stylish and modern design that never looks out of place.

Texture, not patterns

Sometimes you can just let the hat do the talking. While most caps go bold with designs and colours, more and more designers are looking for alternative ways to make their hat stand out in crowded markets. One key area of interest is in alternative materials. Most baseball caps are made out of cotton, synthetic fabrics or a blend of the two, but we’re seeing more and more hats made from wool, leather, plastic and more. These hats instantly catch eyes and turn heads, because they look subtly but distinctly different from the norm, just like our own Hide & Sheep snapback.

Always time for tropical

When the temperature’s up, you want your clothing to reflect it, and there’s no better way to send the message that summer is finally here than with a tropically-inspired print. Once consigned only to the op shop and the back of the rack, tropical prints are making a come back as designers remix and re-contextualise the once-naff look. For a take on the tropical so fresh you can feel the sea breeze, take a look at The Parrot from Pop Noggins.

2018’s Top 3 Snapbacks Of The Summer